The silent engines glowed like embers as the craft rotated itself on the W-Axis to realign with its original slice-coordinates in four-dimensional space. It then coasted down toward the black-hole, Flash Gordon nodded to captain Nemo, saying "Oh well, here goes nothing!" The last time they'd attempted this transdimensional morph they'd ended up in a g -iant peach flying through the air talking to giant insects. They did the transdimensional morph. Captain Nemo and Flash Gordon were in a van, with a dog named scooby doo Driving at the speed limit, since there were traffic light cameras everywhere. They took no chances. Scooby Doo was looking out the window looking at the giant insects. They waved slowly, almost langorously. In the years since the Great Boom, human-insect relations had become exponentially friendlier than expected. Scooby Doo was a traditionalist, of course. He just went with either "rorry raggy" or "rooby rack"? Since a giant talking cockroach was nolonger something to be scared of "Yikes" was nolonger an option. So, up came the rabbit to chew away everything! For a time it seemed the ravenous rabbit would have its way, but when we heard the decisive smacks of heavy wet flippers, we knew not all was lost. Det. Manatee skidded around the corner leaving a smear of water on the linoleum floor. He flinged a boat propeller he had ripped off a passing fishing vessel at the assailant knocking him into a small vat of oyster stew. Thinking quickly, he turned up the heat and stirred until his assailant was tender and throughly infused with the herbs. We ate well that night.



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Voila! Chef Manatee!

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