Kimberley Stockholm was a godzilla - she had arms that were a mile long, teeth that you could see your reflection in, and her breath...YEEEEESHHHH! When walking the aisles of the supermarket it won't surprise most of you to see a display promoting Kimberly Stockholm's breath freshener. The display contains a large cardboard cu shion. The cardboard cushion was the brainchild of a marketer. Now this marketer suffers from a mental illness. The kind that confounds doctors. But one doctor is obsessed with understanding the confounded mind of a marketer. The doctor wrote down on pa. "Patient B sees box as cardboard cushion." The doc held up a pen. "What's this?" "An analog scripter." The doc then held up a noose. "What about this?" The patient still in a glow for having gotten the analog scripter right looked at the noose and his face went blank. "A noose." The doctor gave him an evil smile and held it out once more. By now the man had lost his temper. "I said no!" he growled, glaring at the doctor's proffered hand. He slapped the doctor's hand, causing him to drop it and send it crashing down. In real time it clacked to the floor, but in the goofball-jacked mind of the doctor, it fell and fell through space in slow motion, tumbling end over end as eerie music echoed in the recessed hallways of his brain. In fact, it would never reach the floor, for in that moment, the doctor had transcended all of human life, rising to a higher plane of existence which was great for the doctor. If you get a chance to transcend, transcend! However, that left the patient to explain the doctor's disappearance. He was convicted of cannibalism.



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I love this one. It is completely bananas.

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Those are the best kind of stories, indeed. :)

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