CREAeeeeeEaeeeeeeEEEEaaaakkkkkKKK! Oh I didn't see you standing there. Come in... won't you? CREAeeeeeEaeeeeeeEEEEaaaakkkkkKKK! KLUNK! CuhChunk! Thud! Click-click. CRAAASH! Ping! Clatter! "Sorry about the door. Do come in. Are you...." BOOoooooooooOOMMM! BAAaaannNGG!! SMAaaaaaaaAASH. "...hungry?" CREAeeeeeEaeeeeeeEEEEaaaakkkkkKKK! KLUNK! "CUT!" The director was furious. "I thought I told you to upgrade the processor in that sound-effects machine!" The SFX tech shrugged and rebooted the machine. "Okay, take two!" The sound was still awful. And then worse. It sounded like nails on a chalkboard. The director cringed before breaking his clipboard over his knee. "You're ruining this movie!" "You just don't appreciate a trained voice, you philistine," the actress spat at the director, "Besides, I can't work with this awful band." The New York Philharmonic cringed at the weird face the director made. He always made that face whenever the actress started acting like a grade A bitch. The New York Philharmonic decided to lighten the mood by playing cartoon background incidental music and sound effects. We recognized the Shrew's theme as well as the Maestro's theme in counterpoint. The director is the outside world who "tamed" the tune, so to speak. What was once a symphony of dissonance suddenly sounded harmonious. Cacophonic perfection, really. Shrew & Maestro smiled & raised their arms in unison. A dolphin appeared due to sympathetic resonance with a previous fold. "You're the five to my four," said Shrew. "You're the one to my seven," Maestro replied. Then it got j -abbed in the stomach by Maestro and Shrew shot the dolphin, simultaneously cut off Maestro and the dolphins head, and lastly, used a star wars blaster to blow them into ashes.



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took just shy of 4 years

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