I was walking after school when, i saw a ghost rider in his sweater and he was drinking soda while watching the students getting bullied. His sweater was a god awful color: I told him so & that he's a sissy to boot for not standing up for Marvin the Nerdy kid in my class. The ghostrider road a scooter, figures & when you're not looking cool that's when hot Melody sees you. First Marvin the Nerd kicks his butt now Melody sees him on his ghostrider scooter. The Ghostrider was so broken down from all the times he crashed it, you could call it just 'ghost'. Needless to say, hot Melody is NOT impressed, and asking her out now would be a really stupid idea. Then again, he had never said no to a stupid idea. So he sauntered over to Melody who had her head bent over looking at the options available on the Jukebox. "You & I should date." Melody barely glanced his way. "Maybe," she replied "I'll go out w/you IF you can choose my favorite song." He looked over her shoulder. "Easy." He slid a quarter into the jukebox and pressed G-1. As "What's New Pussycat?" belted out of the speaker, the gravity of Melody's mistake started to sink in. She now had to date a nerd! She didn't even know his name! Most likely everybody in town knew that was her favorite song. She had stopped any backseat action if it came on in her playlist. Which was about every 4th song. Too many guys know of her awful singing voice that she apparently thought to be like a nightingale, hoping to enchant anyone who was lucky enough - at least in her mind - to hear only but a few notes Unfortunately, she broke not only all the glass that had ever shone on the earth, but smashed out peoples eyes, teeth and nails. Time pounded itself into dust. Autotune ran away.



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Happy 3rd anniversary of Folding Story, Lord Vaculty.

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Thank you StigMartyr. I think. WOW. I can’t believe we’re still spammer free. We lost a lot of good sites like foldingstory to the spammers. Fuzzy’s was my first. I guess the page is still there but it can’t access any resources. I think it was written using the first generation Mac database program. The name escapes me just now.

Woab I have run across on several of those sites. She is the one who told me about this one. I owe her and Karl a pedicure.

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