Eeeeee-oooooo-eeeeee-oooooo ---- Uuuuuughhhh (momentary silence) Tshhhh. Sigh...(birds singing) Ahhhh, sigh..........crrrrrrp-rrrrrrrriiip....CURRRRASSSHHHHHH!!!!!!! Oooohhh... Only shadows and the most empty oblivion after some noises. Hello? Anybody here? Dare to say. One man passed between walls and nearly gave me a heart attack. "Hiya", he said. "Jeepers creepers!" I yelled at him "Don't you know any better than to break the Fourth Wall!?" He lowered his eyes. "Dropped out of school at age three. Never learned to count more than three. Never knew it existed a fourth wall in the first place" he caught a silent tear escaping from his eyelid. "I'm sorry the readers had to witness this utterly disgraceful circle-jerk." The letter "A" commented on what was going on in the story but like anything "A" says, it sounded like "aaaaaa". Somebody in the circle-jerk decided they needed water. The whole circle-jerk moved with him. It rotated around to position him by the lake, where they pushed him in as a joke, the jerks. They laughed as he sputtered and flailed in the cold water but the laughter died down when he sank like a rock and did not surface. They looked at each other. “We better jump in and save him!” “Naah, that’s just what he wants! He’s OK.” “I’m going in! He owes me $20. He'll never pay up if he drowns!" “I’ll give you 40 bucks to let him drown!” “40 bucks? I said the guy owed me 20, and you ASSUMED I meant bucks. 20 Grand, or I save his ass.” And, of course, you know the rest...?



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Now I know why someone would call themselves boss: Your line made me burst out laughing, which is not easy to do.

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