It was just another day for Deputy Sheriff Dick Blunt. He sat in his squad car on the side of the road, an empty box of donuts in the passenger seat. He'd been hearing reports of stolen toothbrushes and had come out to see what all the fuss was about but 13 donuts later he was none the wiser. The Deputy Sheriff reached for his bottle of fresh milk. He had forgot to drink it and his wife would be nagging if she knew he had dumped it. "Where is my chocolate syrup!!?" he yelled, confused because he had just put the syrup out of sight behind him. Damn, life was a drag when you lost your sense of object permanence! On the other hand, when his wife walked out the door he suddenly didn't know what the security code was for the house alarm. He was beginning to panic. Nervously, he slowly shook his head from side to side and scratched at a small scar on his neck that had festered from a rabbit bite on a camping trip gone wrong. The scar seemed a reminder that wounds, hurts, losses, have consequences, and he quickly hit 1-3-4 on the alarm pad. "Self destruct sequence initiated" a robotic voice squaked over the PSA. In the moments before his death, he reminisced eating campfire roasted rabbit with his mother. "Mom, I 'm the rabbit in this case..." Luckily, the space cruiser was manufactured in Korea & its self-destruct was triggered by Google, so Trump's ban saved his ass:"CANNOT SELF DESTRUCT UNLESS INTERCEPTED BY A SEBULORG." Suddenly the alien hunter's attention was caught by the alien struggling to get free in the dog catcher. "Hmm..." John thought deep. "It seems that I should have had my sebulorg licensed. But I aint paying no $50 to spring it from the pound." So he just walked away, after all that. But the alien was later happily adopted!



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