story 2 Scene 4: Exterior Diner. Man with slight limp walks from stage left to right. Vagabond enters holding small rucksack. VAGABOND: Wait! Can you spare a dime? MAN: (who's unemployed) What's that? As Vagabond looks L, Man steals his rucksack, runs off stage R. VAGABOND: (sobbing) Woe is me! Scene 5: [Large carrot descends from rafters] CARROT: I cannot speak, for I am a carrot! Scene 6: [A hillside begins moving on its own] CLARA: The hills are alive! [hill chases CLARA] And they're out to get me! I'm not paranoid! I'm not paranoid! [curtain] Scene 7: [CLARA sprawled onstage, moaning] BUSTER: Well, what's this? Are those tire marks? [hill giggles] CLARA: No, they are stretch marks. I just had your baby and boy, is my cervix tired! BUSTER: Where is he? Where is my baby boy? BABY: Here I am, Pops! Can I have my allowance? BUSTER: Didn't your mother teach you any manners? CLARA: I just had him yesterday... BABY: Gimme my money! (doorbell rings, Clara answers) GIRL SCOUT: Buy some cookies or else! Clara to Girl Scout with taser: "I'll take or else." Baby: "I want my milk money!" Buster: "Here have a stolen girl scout cookie. Rousing Girl Scout with a police walkie: Ned we'v e got a Mint munter, I say again, Mint munter! i did not want to find out what they did to Mint munters because I was pretty sure that Mint munter was me. I kicked the Girl Scout in front of me into the 3 behind barely missing the 4th but she did stagger a bit giving me time to drive my pool cue through her eye before she could bring her Police Issue free.



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I can’t wait for Story 3.

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What was story 1?

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I searched it I couldn’t find story 1. Hmm maybe we should start it?

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