"One thing I worry about," he confided at an FSA meeting, "is the mix-and-match, anything-goes stuff. You know, there was some sick Dadaism before the horrors a hundred years ago." That's when a member stood up, "You can't share at a Folding Story Anonymous meeting with out first stating your name and your disease." His face turned beet red. from the beating but he still met all of our needs and so we spared him from his justly deserved drawn and quartering. However, in lieu of a Thank You, he affronts us with this cas e of giant stuffed olives which he said he wanted to use to make a triumphant antipasto salad. Guess we rubbed him the wrong way. We left him to his devices and turned to matters closer to our hearts. Overturning the election. Not that we wanted to overturn the election. We were as tired of this clown as the next genderfluid person. We wanted to see how far everyone was willing to go to prove themselves right, in spite of evidence to the contrary. Kind of like our genderfluidiy, but at least we had the surgical option. Politics didn't Really make much sense anymore.....it’s all gibberish up until you’re a cranky 50 year old yelling at the president on TV. It’s sad how that happens. Everyone thinks that 50 year olds takes gibberish at the heart rude people I went to this cool people party. I wanted to be fit-in cool. I wore 3-inch platform heeled boots, which made me 6 feet tall, but all the other men at the party were 8 feet tall, and once again I stuck out like a sore thumb. Luckily I had my costume dealer on speed-dial and they were able to bring me a two foot tall pink top hat. I was the coolest one there



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