"I cant believe it's raining!" It hadn't rained in Arrebal since the year 1963. The once-in-a-generation storm pelted Arrebal causing the desert to bloom in vibrant flowers. Little did we know what lay dormant for ages underneath - now stirred. Deep beneath the desert the Ancient Evil stirred his coffee, sniffed, checked the half&half carton date. That long? He shuffled to the sink, dumped the coffee. His old joints ached . Yes, Ancient Evil had arthritis. He popped a couple aspirin swilling them down with the remains of a beer & scowled. Ancient Evil was in a bad mood. He called Ancient Curse to see what he was up to and if he wanted to grab a drink at the pub. Ancient Curse was usually always in a good mood & could usually cheer him up with the latest hexes he'd comple Ment my menageries with. The green mint sauce was excellent. Iron Chef Matthew used it in his new year's eve meal. His assistant demanded the recipe for future use in ghent. Uncle Sister warmed them about a local insurgency over the false coloring of mint sauces. Iron Chef Matthew got implicated and he fled to Dubai, where the mint sauces only come in green. Sister warmed the mint sauce and massaged it into Mary's Little Lamb before skewering him and setting him just high enough over the fire so as not to singe his wool. She knew that She could get some money for its wool, and Mary was too daft to notice. The sheep, for its part, didn't really care that it'd been skewered and set over a fire. Life was pain and pain was meaningless. As the sheep rotated over the fire its life flashed before its eyes - grassy meadows, nights huddled with the flock... Its final words? "Screw you, Mary!"



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