Jeff & Jane stood hand in hand, their toes hanging over the cliff. "Ready?" Jane nodded. "On the count of 3...One...two...three..." They fell together into the dark precipice. "How long are we gonna fall for?" yelled Jane. "About ten minutes!" yelled Jeff. "It's dark!" yelled Jane. "I know!" yelled Jeff. "How many times you done it?" yelled Jane. "I'm not sure, I never counted!" Jeff yelled back. "Did you just touch me?" Jane worriedly asked. She heard a soft giggling and supposed it was her brother and so laughed along. "Uh sis," he began. Catching her breath, Jane heaved, "Wot?" "I didn't grab you. I wasn't even nearby. It was that guy," Jeff pointed. Jane looked and spotted the culprit. It was a little man with very large hands. "I can't control myself," he said to Jeff. "It's like Tourette's syndrome, only in my hands." He reached out & pinched Jane's nice, round melons. "That's it!" said Jane. "Jeff, take your high-fivin' friend out of my produce department!" The dwarf with the big hands looked forlorn, "but they were such nice melons..." "Honeydew NOT!" snapped Jane, and Jeff and his big-handed little friend were given the bum's rush out of the Food-o-rama Store. They picked themselves up off the sidewalk and went and sat themselves down on the bus stop bench in front of the Food-o-rama. Jeff searched his pocket and drew a pack of gum out. He handed the pack to his big handed little friend. "Aw, thanks, pal. I could always use a chew." The small creature held out his palm to receive the gum, but promptly dropped it. "Darn it! I'm all thumbs here!" He bent over to pick it up. He had nearly grasped it when a bigger creature nearby farted, blowing the gum away. Finally, the creature caught the airborne gum and chewed it. Gross. Tasted like a fart.



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Story of my life. Quite funny!

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