She made her excuses and left me 2 sleeping pills along with gaps around the house and in my heart. Now half broken and half hopeful of new new lover, careful I don't add to the to bill that Dr. Pepi who claims to be a natural doctor with a lot of experience wants to charge me for waxing my inner thighs. "I thought that had been a gift!" I exclaimed. "No the gift was for me, have a chance to look at your rosy and soft thighs..." the doctor sighed. "It'll be a sweet pleasure, compared to the past few weeks." He sat down heavily on the bed, sighing melodramatically, but with more than one sideways glance at me. "I really felt like s winging the club at his head." I didn't want to dirty my new Taylor Burner. It was great to finally be out on the golf course. With the weather unseasonably cold I was glad to wallop a few balls and get my body temperature up a bit, although I still shivered so much that I kept sending the ball into the trees. My score for the first hole was more than my social security number. Blaming my club, I dove into a water hazard in search of a Titleist driver. Suddenly, something brushed against my leg. "Either that's a mermaid, or just a woman with the tail of a fish." Regardless, I wanted to make sweet love to it. But I also wanted to finish the back nine and have a couple cold ones with the boys. Logically, I tried to do both. After the brewskis, I had my tryst with the now merwoman. Nine months later Neptune showed up with his knocked up daughter. At my trident point Wedding she screamed in despair, but no one could hear, this was the last anyone & anything was her.....



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What a waste of a perfectly good catch of fish…

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WOW!!!! That was a really funny ending!!! I love the part where Neptune shows up with his knocked up mermaid daughter. HAHA!! Instead of gun-point wedding- a trident point wedding! It’s great. But I’m confused about the last line? Maybe that was meant for another fold. That’s happened to me once before.

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