"So you thee, I juth god unruc ow ... ow ow kee wif my tsch ow ... ow ow. choice a cac-thee Doc." "Martin, a good fraction of succulent plants are not succulent. They're poison that can make one blind, or even kill. And some have sharp, dangerous spines. Martin, as your doctor I must recommend that you cease inserting cacti into your orifices. Succulents have no place in your bum or your nose, Martin. As your doctor, I strongly advise you to stay away from all cacti and pointy foliage or you risk major damage to your dignity and self esteem." Martin took the doctor's advice and moved from the desert to the lush fern forests of New Zealand where he sought Maori advice re healing his orifices. The one they call Uncle Thomas is a doubter. He believes that the Trim have come to enslave your people. But is it slavery to be free from having to make decisions? Let someone els e worry over semantics. What's a clock but a coffin? It's astounding how time is fleeting. Uncle Thomas didn't believe, then a cuckoo poked out his eye at the stroke of lunchtime. After that he believed, believe me, but he only had one eye, which greatly reduced his depth perception. So when he tried to climb into his coffin, Uncle Thomas missed, and landed at the last supper. He didn't know Jesus from Adam. Uncle Thomas dug in on the plate placed b. Then they were a plate short for Judas. Judas, being the zealot that he was, accused the waiters of showing preferential treatment to the first eleven Disciples. When he learned that the chief waiter was Jesus himself, he plotted his revenge. Oh yes, it would be great to see Jesus get his comeuppance. He poisoned the loaves and fishes while the restaurant patrons took selfies with Jesus. But JC blessed the poisoned food, making it safe.



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Sounds like we need to check in with that dude who went to high school with Jesus.

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But did he make it kosher?

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