Jenny works in Leamington Spa Jenny works in a bar in Leamington Spa. She goes to work in a car to the bar in Leamington Spa. It's not far to the bar in Leamington Spa if you go by car. Jenny wears a push up br a that the spa had given but thus far her car was without gas alas, so she went to the gent with whom last night she had spent and ask for some cash to purchase car gas, but the gent had absconded and left her desponded. Feeling quite peeved and sorely deceived, her reputation to avenge she swore her revenge panties which were cotton and rotten, she intended to use them well to create hell, and she hung her revenge panties on the door knob so that the poor slob would see there was blood on the saddle and with that paddle he would cease his fiddle faddle to discover if he had any metal or if he wilted like a flower petal. Such was the plan Stan. You don't need to be coy Roy, just listen to me. Just drop off the key Lee and set yourself free. There are fifty way to leave your lover. Paul Simon watched the stage production. He shook his head at how lousy the tribute to his songs was. Then it dawned on Simon: Art Garfunkel must be behind this. Afro-headed bastard just couldn’t let bygones be bygones! "I'll show him," thought Paul Simon, "I'll make a version of 'My Little Town' he'll never forget!" The result sounded like Dolly Parton on quaaludes. Garfunkle was furious. "That was the last straw, Paul. I’m done.” Paul didn’t move. “She thought they were Altoids. Shoved a fistful in her mouth. I only had the studio till midnight.” Art staggered away.



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