"Miss Wong,yoa velvet kitty iiiz possess by bad spiriiiiit. Hong Luong ken cure dat. See maiii poten tiga stick is shua fayaa ghost busting dong. Just need to shoo shoo dem ghost ies out out now! Chop Chop, see?" Hong Luong poked the flaming tiga stick toward Ms. Wong's possessed kitty. She hissed & drew back. "See? It work!" Blue sparks flew from its mouth and Chinese curses too. "Beeg trouble for you now!" cried Ms. Wong. "Kitty curse make Hong Luong's hot stick fall off!" As the evil kitty scampered away, Hong Luong was transformed into a mouse. Evil kitty was not so small any more! Ms. Wong laughed her evil laugh and left him to fend for himself. Hong Luong scampered into the nearest crack in the wall. It just happened to be the home of an African swallow that lost its way during last night's storm. Well, temporary home; home enough that it was irate at the intrusion & Hong Luong ha -d to cover his head with his arms as the swallow tried to peck and dive bomb him to death. He hurried into his store and heard the phone ringing. "Huong Luong's Convenience Store , Huong speaking. How may I help you?" he whispered into the phone as the insane swallow rammed the front window of his store again and again, bloodying the lotto advertisement. “Listen,” a gruff-sounding voiced asked, “I sent my trained sparrow over with 500 bucks to purchase lottery tickets, has he arrived?” The bloodied swallow lay dead at Huong’s feet. Huong tried kicking the dead sparrow under the counter as he shielded the $500 hanging out of his pocket. “WELL?” demanded the voice, “Where’s my bird, money, and lottery tickets?" Huong leaned against the counter casually, trying to hide any panic in his features. "Not here!". The voice scoffed, but it took a somber tone "Please just give me my bird back..."



1 TarotGuy's photo

Welcome to the fold, cheska!

2 LordVacuity's photo

Nicely done.

3 LordVacuity's photo

Just over 6 and a half years.

4 LordVacuity's photo

Can you imagine what the world was like back in October of 2013. Yizzy didn’t have Yizzys yet.

5 LordVacuity's photo

I don’t know if that last line is true of not. I don’t think anybody does. I hope so.

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Jimbeau’s line really pulled the thing together.

7 LordVacuity's photo

BTW, no way am I going to try to turn this one into a audio. The whole broken engrish ... Nope.

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