The journey had begun. My backpack was full of what was left of my life..running shoes, blown out from miles of marathon training, dirty socks, a half eaten snackbar, and Huck Fin Everything that was there reminded me of memories which made me decided about moving on, changing my my routine. Yes, it was official. I was now going to brush my teeth BEFORE eating my breakfast. This, I realized, THIS was living dangerously! I by the possibilities! After brushing my teeth, I ran to the fridge. For breakfast, I would eat something that most people would find disgusting. But I loved it. I ate 2 raw eggs, a candy bar made of chocolate covered ants, and washed it down with a big glass of tang. That was just for starters. Then came the palate cleanser: lemon-prune sorbet, yum. I then had some linguine in a vat of squid ink, an order of escargot, and a side of fried bat wings with wildebeest-bile dipping sauce--only the finest cuisine to enjoy while watching the Big Game straight from our dorm room in Heck U. I only worried that the reception would be periodically interrupted by the constant firestorm outside, and of course, it was. But I had a lot of hell money on this game, and I had to make sure I saw as much as my dead eyes could see. I knew I was going to rue this when the high water came but I bet all my hell money on a knob kneed nag from Nantucket named Naughty Nellie Niner Niner Xray Whodunit Tamerlane Foxylady. "Empty your lungs, sonny," she said as the tide took us under. "I have enough oxygen in my lungs to keep us both supplied." She was a nice kisser, too.



1 BlastedHeath's photo

I hope the first two players found good paths.

2 BlastedHeath's photo

And k3ef and dealrnodeal as well!

3 Woab's photo

A helluva journey with a very good ending!

4 SlimWhitman's photo

I agree, very much like the ending, Blasted!

5 LordVacuity's photo

I also heard she was a real mudder.

6 BlastedHeath's photo

(blushes behind his hand)

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