Arik finally brought it up. "Tamara, is it true that you are secretly LX-27J?" Tamara had been bursting to tell him. "Yeah, that was me wot restarted the global Tesla power thing." Arik then asked the golden bobble-headed droid, "Is it true that you are secretly C3PO?" The droid transconvoed with Tamara. Arik caught the arc on his lenguister. She realized the golden bobble-headed droid was conversing with a deodorant dispensor-shaped droid on wheels. Then Arik put R2 and D2 together & realized that George Lucas was definitely smoking pot when he created Star Wars. All potheads know that an anagram with George Lucas, R2D2 and C3PO's names creates a secret code name for cannabis sativa. That's either "Cor! Purge le dog sac 3:22!" 3:22 being the average time between marijuana doses, or "Soccer Dog Plague R-232" R-232 being the chlorofluorocarbon used by marijuana addicts. And how exactly do these marijuana addicts use this chlorofluorocarbon? Do they use it to make scale models of Devil's Tower on their living room floors? Do they use it to square The roots of all evils off against each other, in a globally televised competition? Why else are humans fond of gladiators in the Hunger Games? There is no other explanation I can give besides that dehumanization is a very easy road to go down and almost impossible to turn around from, that's how they sleep at night peacefully. And you shall sleep peacefully, too. Here, have a drink of warm milk and lay your head down on the steering wheel, just for a moment, and feel the purr of the engine. Close your eyes now. That's it. You're getting sleepy...sleeeepy. And that was it. The Land of Neverending Dreams is beautiful, dark, & deep. A pure joyride. Slow down. Children playing.



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