When turtles turtle, mocking birds mock, and horses horse around, you know that soon dogs will dog, camels will Caramel.. I mean camel. Actually caramel camel would be interesting but I digress. Monkeys monkey about, liar birds lie, robins rob, beavers beaver, foxes are foxy , and Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo (look it up if you don't believe me). Cats are catty, squirrels are a bit squirrely, but Shih Tzus never Shihoo-hee-nanny-nanny...Shihoo-hee-ha-ha...The Bollywood Menagarie Rave was hot and brought the animal out in me. "Don't just stand there, GoatBoy...DANCE with me," I growled. And just like that I was another spotty kid, high and going no where. But at least I had a the complete collection of Pokemon in three-ring binders. I even have knock-off cards made by a cult that worships Dagon. Most of them look like squirtle. Hey? where are you When there are squirtles and cat pokemons living here? Four years ago, this folding story started and they weren't yet born. Now they walked everywhere and made noises if spotted. "But only if spotted", some lady that had been passing stopped to ask him. Before he could answer she added, "what if they are striped or solid?" She didn't wait for the answer. Sh owing his confusion, he started to explain that he wasn't referring to patterns. "I mean, if it is visible. If you see it!" She cut him short, angrily pushing him out the door with a solid shove to the forehead.



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