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Translation please? I can’t seem to copy for translation.

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Can you upload pics in the comments? I’ve screenshot the translation. Most of it is about a a voyage to find treasure

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The ancient owls sailed to sea, carrying the sinking and pearl-seekers in the command of the Nokhitha experienced in navigating the sea. One of the sailors hinted something strange on the distant horizon , and cried out to his companions.

O friends there is a ship coming to us Vzbwa and be careful to me so that we can overcome them and steal all Maelkmon. Do not have mercy on them and make them flee us. Come on all of you take your places. Captain hurry to them Haya Sparta.

Beware of them, they may be strong so strong and Kono as we entrust you Makrin be fierce, but when they arrived at the ship they found what was not taken into account .. For they found the ship empty and found the treasure .. But there is a curse in the treasure.

He was strong and fierce as many promised you and the ship was empty and no one was there and they found the treasure .. But the treasure is cursed and can not be approached but they were smart and macrin and ....

But after they escaped from the ship, the curse of the treasure began to haunt them one by one .... The story of their deaths as one after the other died mysteriously whereas some of them committed suicide ... Is it the curse of the treasure or what?

God forbid from Halkutz people commit suicide because, Did I expect fighting over the treasure Lin described amongst each other and your partners ..?

But suicide wasn’t Druscilla’s thing. Her thing was dancing the Samba. As long as she could dance, she would never commit suicide. Because to dance the Samba is to live. The music

After this great effort, Mohammed went to meet his friend to consult on what he would do after losing in the race and how they could step up their training to win the next time.

When he took part in the camp, he gained much experience and his mission was to help him win races in the camp and train him frequently both day and night until he gets first place.

I tried to understand. But our cultures and governments got in our way. I waved across the miles to my would-be friends. Farewell! I hope we can sing “Imagine” together someday ...

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