She couldn't tell you about the first time she shot a gun. She doesn't remember. The recoil and the bullet wounds faded into one and she never knew whether she was the prey. But she always knew when she was the hunter. She had grown to seek the thrill of the chase. Sniffing them out was one of the best parts. She loved creeping along on all fours with her nose pressed to the ground. Then once she picked up the strong and steady scent , she started to...WAIT! (stealthy rustling sound)...what's that behind the bushes? Her ears perked up & she stopped in her tracks...........................SQUIRRRRREL!!! She took off like a shot B-lined toward the squirrel which zigged & zagged through the underbrush corkscrewed around an oak & chattered at her from the lowest branch. She felt aliv e for the first time in the four years she lived on this earth. "Squirrel, my beady-eyed nemesis, we meet again." She alerted her partner, Cletus. "What is that mutt up to now?" Beady Eye sang "I Am The Walrus" so well, John Lennon would have been jealous. Liam Gallagher was sober. Nowadays, he stuck to club soda. Squirrel was watching everything. When Wombat walked over to Big Tooth and stabbed him in the eye with his KFC Original Recipe drumstick at least 13 times before Squirrel moved a muscle to do anything to stop him. That might have been the original impetus but by the time Squirrel got enough muscles moving he discovered that the sight of seeing Wombat eating Big Tooth's brain through his eye socket was enough to make him lose his acorns, so to speak. The indelible image imprinted on his little rodent mind, inspiring him to fight all evil from now on as Mega Squirrel.



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But Wombat’s actions and fighting evil were the two sides of the same coin stuck in the coin return of the 2nd story vending machine of the Do Drop Out Inn in Innsbruck.

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