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I don’t really like how StigMartyr twisted it. Don’t get me wrong, I like a story going off the rails, but it just feels too forced, even on this website

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Fair enough. I reckon this story would’ve probably died if it’d been left with the line before, mind.

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No no, it was more rather chicken wrestling ring thing. I like the first bit of it though, because I’ll admit in the middle it was a bit stale

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I look a good bounce, myself.

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What? I don’t quite understand that

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@Toast, please keep in mind that Stig could only see the fold before at time of writing.

And sometimes things do go off the rails in brainstem and worse directions, in “real life” as well as FS.

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I understand that, I just didnt quite understand the chicken wrestling ring. It still felt forced. But, eh, every story like this is gonna feel a bit forced.

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I loved Stig’s fold, and want to write more about Nihilistic Neddy!

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nice, after woab gets her hands at it, ill join on it. I did like Neddy, I guess i just didnt understand the chicken wrestling turn

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Also, thinking about it, Nihilistic Teddy and Joe Cartoon might do well together

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