The technician poured in a loose collection of nuts and bolts, and then screwed shut the panel on the back of his skull. "Back to work!" hollered the boss, as Kevin rattled back to consciousness. The technician carelessly dropped one of Kevin's nuts on the factory floor, unnoticed. The fact that 1 of Kevin's eyes was now wandering should have been a tipoff, but the technician was not, shall we say, "on the ball." Kevin steadied himself. He felt so lopsided, so off-balance. "Look, I'm nuts about you," he told the technician, "but I'm half the man I used to be -- holy crap!" He noticed that his left side had sloughed off into a still pile. The technician lost interest and departed through a vent. Kevin hopped up to Jason Mewes and put his arm around his shoulder. Kevin said, "Help me buddy, half my body just slid off into that sausage cat." Mewes said, "Jesus, you're still a tub of lard And should stop eating at Burger joints. You must learn to love oatmeal." Kevin replied, "You sound like my mum!" But the burger joints did a battle royale for Kevin 's loyalty. Burger King tried to garrote Ronald McDonald with his own golden arches but Ronald escapes by a judicious squeezing of the royal jewels. Wendy flashed Kevin her double stackers but gave him a Frosty look that clearly indicated that they were off limits. Frustrated, Kevin picked a fight with Jack-in-the-box, and was almost a contender. Later, he limped along on Popeye’s chicken legs & a limp Longdogger. Kevin wasn’t a winner; he was a finisher. It’s not whether you are a stud in bed; it’s whether you can reach climax without any relief from CENSORED . . . THIS FOLD HAS BEEN FLAGGED BY YOUR MOM FOR BEING TOO SEXUAL IN NATURE. PLEASE REPORT TO YOUR MOTHER IMMEDIATELY. Thank you!



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