The woman sporting a grey parka, the hood pulled snugly over her head, exposing only a pair of shades, walked into the bank, lingered and loitered long enough to make other bankers suspicious, then ran out of the bank and down the street to the park, where she disappeared into a crowd of people who all wore parkas and sunglasses. The bank cop that followed stood in consternation at seeing so many attendees at the Orange Parkas and Sunglasses Jamboree. By then the cops were showing up. The bank cop pointed them to the park festival. Then bark cops led them to the best tailgate parties. There were so many people at the festival in orange or black it was like Hallowe'en all over again. A strum sailed out over the festival crowd. Everybody recognized it as the opening strum of the hot song of 2019 by their local boy. Kenny of Kenny & the Parkas. Anyone who drank the free grape-ade peaked early, then coasted for the rest of their lives. The Parka Generation, as they became known, lived through the 2020-60's on the nostalgic high of that music festival. Kenny himself said, "mdfji dfajlie.djieaa. mesafdi. jasoid." Most of Kenny's fans agreed with that sentiment and lived it out in their own lives. The Parka Generation had a brief revival after a small stint with galoshes, but it died soon after. Kenny"s legacy lived on through the ages, and his name went down in history books. Until some lord named Wellington came onto the scene and designed better boots to wear in the rain. Once the Queen knighted and named a pastry after Wellington, Kenny's name was no longer muddied by his past. Free now of royal bondage, Kenny escaped to the countryside & the empire now known as "Kenny's Krumpets" was born. All's well that ends well!



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Nice opener, Jimbeau!

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