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Good story!!! Considering that StoryFacist’s Swedish opening has something to do (I think) with someone with a hairnet, this story is actually remarkably cohesive.

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My fold was inspired by Igmar Bergman’s film, ‘Persona’ which has the same problem.

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I only played a bit of that game.  I never knew Ingmar Bergman had a hand in it!

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The opening contained a monologue by GW, He is professor emeritus in criminology, a successful novelist and not the least well known for his laissez-faire hairdo.

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I put SF’s fold into google translate which translated it to English - then put the translation back & tried various Scandinavian languages & Swedish looked most like the original. So I’m glad I got that right!

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This story now has a semi-dramatic reading, done by yours truly. :)

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Your Swedish is unbelievable, KieferSkunk!

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One of the best!!!

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