Something's wrong with the avocado pears. They r wild, yet seeds r dispersed across whole Calakmul valley - were avocado pits in digest. tract of a lg animal/possibly Glyptodont!? Nov. 3 2013. The last entry of Dr. Huarez ended there. I peered closely at Dr. Huarez' journal. A smudge of blood. Looking around I noticed claw-like footprints & OH GOD, some loose teeth scattered over there! Glyptodonts are teeth with words inscribed on them. They were created by ancient order of Cavity men. Here lies the root of all evil, Canal of sugary pursuit, A Observance of – Hermits. This particular hermit has taken a vow of silence. A vow he breaks whenever he eats beans, which is everyday. Being a hermit, he has to grow what the Lord does not provide on the b -illion dollops a year he earns as the occupant of the hermitage in the Rockefeller's east garden. In his rags, he grumbles about taxes, meanwhile his bank account swells to a size that no-one would turn a blind eye to; on the contrary, most, if not all, would seize such a swollen asset and swing it freely among the peasants…and the peasants would envy yon ass & chant, "What art thee to do with all thine junk? All thine junk within thine trunk? And a nonny nonny hey!" A woodcut of the Dancing Plague shows Lady Gaga just as she lay her bounty at the Coventry Taxing authority's feet. A comely bounty. Lady Gaga thought herself Suzanna, naked before the judges. They cloistered her in the Coventry convent.



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Those damned avocado pears!

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Zetawilk"s Fold is the best and funniest…IMO.

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Thank you kindly!

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