He pointed at the picture."This is Nemo.He's a fish.You are going to find him."Fifty heavily armed grunts in bathing suits starred at the admiral."NOW!",he shouted.They shot up and attacked the admiral for making them look for a fictional character. They tied him up and put him in a corner. "Dont youse going around making fun of Nemo now." said a grunt. The Nautilus sped onward on it's maiden voyage. Nemo, in the corner, was crying for the days when he was young, catching jellyfish on the Bhutanese coast. He remembered When his mentor, Dr. Vurn, had given him the Nautilus. It was a hot day in Douala. The armpit of Africa they called the place. Nemo couldn't believe it at first. When he opened the hatch & smelt the place then he believed it. If this was the armpit of Africa where was the asscrack of Africa. Nemo decided that would be the Nautilus's 1st mission. Africa decided that it would be the Nautilus' last mission. Acting quickly, it absorbed the craft into it's heart, where vines strangled it and lions tore it to bits. The crew were like sweet lichee pits except Capt. Nemo, a bitter man who hacked his way through the constricting vines & tazed the carnivorous welcome comittee with his walking stick. He was booed off the stage. Shark Lady and her husband were in tow, giving out tshirts saying, Trump for the Birds. Trump gave them a Hillary for Prison tshirt and vanished before Stormy Daniels was scheduled to arrive for a book signing. Trump fled out the back door to wait for his limo. Detectives Pelosi and Schumer spied Trump in their stakeout car and made a furtive call to Putin,who texted Hillary. "Mы его сейчас!" "Спасибо. Я вам задолжаю." she replied. Pelosi & Schumer snickered &high-fived, right before they were blown away.



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