"Hi, my name is Jimbles Notronbo! I love to science and 80's hairstyles. Do you want to be my friend?" The little bird on the pavement did not respond. Jimbles was furious, "All I do is practice my pickup lines!" I approached him. "Hello Jimbles, I'm Toodles Bototron. I also love to science & your hair." I looked up to the left to show off my 80's hairstyle. I examined Jimbles reaction from under my mahoosive 80's fringe. Had my silver tongued charm in my pretend Dutch accent done the trick? "OK, Toodles Bototron, you've pulled!" I gul pled down a Big Gulp, then threw it back up almost immediately. Jimbles had laced it with polonium! "You bastard!" I, Toodles Bototron, screamed at him, throwing the plastic cup right onto his big red nose. "Jimbles, I hate you, why are you here?" I, Toodles Bototron, yelled in his face vehemently, spit staining his puffy red cheeks. What was he doing walking back into my circus after all this time? "Because you've made a fool of all clowns everywhere, Toodles," Jimbles said as he wiped my spit from his cheek, smearing his clown makeup into a sneer all the way to his ear. I didn't much like the way this clown was saying my name. Toodles was a respectable Old World Clown Royalty kind of name. I set my whoopie cushion to KILL. I took off 7 pairs of clown shoes before I was in my stocking feet. I pulled the old, "Hey look over there at those titmice". When the other clown looked, I conked him with a mallet and doused him with my acid seltzer bottle. The other clown fell in a heap, his head and face a ruin. The crowd had no idea, thinking it was all an act. The poor clown urgently tried to signal by pointing at his missing head, but the crowd was too committed to notice anything was wrong. How he longed to shake his head in disbelief!



1 revital's photo

lmao i started this 6 years ago. no regrets.

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Good to see you back! I hope you’ll write some more folds with us.

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A great first line, revital. You created a well rounded character.

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