Canuck Carl was canoe sprinting when he rammed Synchro Sally while she was making her trademark whale breach maneuver. He made a lasting impression. Many years later at the Olympic Games XXLVM Synchro Sally's great great great granddaughter had a chance for revenge. She knew where Canuck Carl's great great great grandson was staging his canoe for the gold med icated powder with the extra moisture absorption, extra cooling power and extra itch relief. But first Canuck Carl Jr.#99 had to get past Synchro Sally Jr.#98. Synchro Sally #98 had four arms and four legs, with the head of a lion. The lion's jaws were six feet wide! There was a variant, Synchro Sally #98G, which instead of a lion's head had a griffin's head. All other specs were unchanged. Synchro Sally #98 saw extensive use in the asteroid be -lt that made her knees buckle. Wasn't a griffin's head the same as a hawk's head or something?, Synchro Sally #98 wondered as she saw Io rise on the horizon. But this wasn't Earth anymore, as evidenced by the sign Synchro Sally #98 saw right in front of her eyes that read, “THIS ISN'T EARTH ANYMORE.” No longer in denial, Sally piloted the craft toward Io’s Orbital fueling station. He chose to use HiFlyer because of their generous Loyalty Card benefits. He planned on redeeming his 50% off Delerium Crystals + Free Space Lunch coupon. However, Joof was so stupid that his coupons were Dunkin' Donut coupons. Except i'm gonna die in 1 minute so sadly i can't use my coupons I know, Joof thought, I'll give them away. He gave them to the first person he saw who then immediately killed him. That'll teach him to give someone Dunkin' Donut coupons again.



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