"You're a poser, Sicily McPhalleyman". He said it to the mirror, straightened his Hermes tie, and grimaced his best impression of a smile. Then he entered the boardroom and clapped his hands. "Sicily," they cried, "we thought you were fired!" He responded with: "I was never fired, simply promoted to your lead director." Admiring looks came from The goat. Wow you got pr... wait why is there a goat here, that's when they all realized that somthing was wrong. AND at that very moment the goat exploded. The first row got the worst of it - goat meat washed over everyone, hot and rank. People screamed. They scrambled over each other and towards the exit. The splash zone had also included the VIP table where the Corporate VP for Safety had been hosting a lunch meeting with Safety Supervisors for all the local 1st Responders. The goat meat got them all. Just as I had planned, they devoured it only to find themselves dying from the poison I had added to the dish. So much for safety professionals. My cooking had killed every diner in the restaurant that night, but on the bright side, I didn't get any poor reviews on Yelp! so things were looking up. My Stroganoff hid the flav our of poison quite well, by combining so many ingredients people were unable to distinguish poison from oregano, coincidentally our bottom line increased tenfold that night and I sold my first Bitcoin as an NFT. In a sense I was piggybacking my blockchain on the back of my original blockchain “pony”. There were ripples in the fractals beyond which mining was...was…was…WAIT A MINUTE!! What in hell am I doing finishing this fold? I know NOTHING about cryptocurrency! So I loaded my pockets with loose change and headed down the road.



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Sound reasoning TarotGuy. Who knows what might have happened if you had stopped to finish it?

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