"I love your garden," she laughed. I showed her the chocolate mint, the lavender, the nightshade.... "Yes yes," she said, "I've seen plants before. Why don't you show me those adorable pink flamingos now? I mean, the way their legs spin around in the breeze! Pure genius!" And off she went rambling about the lawn flamingos again. As if the ornaments were more important than the flowers in ones garden! She was completely missing the point! If I could get the flowers to grow here in my simple garden in this simple neighborhood. I'd finally feel normal and conquer my low self esteem. All I wanted was to belong somewher -e beautiful so I could feel beautiful, too. My simple garden grew, the plants budded and my heart swelled with them. When the first one blossomed I wanted to hug it. I looked tenderly at the first blossoms in my lovely garden and noted how soft they felt when I brushed my fingers against their velvety petals. The colors were so vibrant it almos t was if... Wait a minute. Sudden alarm coursed through me. I looked up & around. The garden was perfect and peaceful. TOO perfect. TOO peaceful. "I'm dead!" I realized. "Did you think that daisy pushed itself up?" I tried to turn my head but instead of my head turning, I did. WTF! I realized I was incorporeal again. I had no time. I had to remembe r something before I forgot it but I forget to remember it first so I never forgot it; I just never knew it either. I was there with pushed up daisies in my hands & dirt in my maw. My conditiun is geting worse, I'm havin troubl recolecting the evens in the corect sekwence and wordz har gedding hard to type witouht error in them, im old but my frineds like me



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...ded as a dornale, just like they ar.

I love this folding story! LV’s line, in particular, cracked me up.

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