In impromptu speaking it is always good to pull a random quote out of your pocket and use it to add justification to your point. For example, "Kennedy once said 'To be or not to be unfaithful depends on the degree of hots Marilyn Monroe has for you." A wife could reply, "Love is a two way street, and you're my road kill." See, inspirational quotes can diffuse even the most toxic of marriages. "If you cheat on me, I'll castrate you, kebab your testicles & eat them with gusto" Roy was inspired by that quote to dig a tunnel in secret and tell a duck absolutely nothing. You see Roy loved arcane sayings. It drove Walt nuts. Walt was a pain ever since that stupid amusement park. Roy poured a scotch and said, "Little p Lasticene creatures don't just magically appear. We create them. Look at Hannah Montana and who she became. Bloody twerking and pansexuality! Talk about Hypernormality." Walt said, "Sure. Hypernormality. What can I say about Hypernormality that hasn't already been said by people that know what they're talking about when they say it about Hypernormality? I agr -avate even myself," said, dropping a "g" out of sheer prickliness. Truth be told, I didn't know from normal, let alone hypernormal. I wore band-aids over my eyes when I drove, and sang Wagner in the shower, so...well, I don't need to explain. I guess. "Hey," I interjected. "How about some ice cream? I know it sounds hypernormal, but how about vanilla?" "Vanilla. An idea so normal that's weird! I love it!" Wagner jumped out of the shower, "on the way let's talk about ...the weather!" He grabbed my hand and led me outside It was then I first saw Vanilla town in all its wonder. As we waltzed as one through Vanilla Park, meeting Vanilla Residents along the way, we took them home to make Vanilla Love.



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