"Is it possible to write a serious, dramatic work of literature on FoldingStory?" The FoldingStory community laughed. "No." But Jesrin was determined. This, yes THIS story would be the first serious story ever to unfold. No jokes. No silly characters. No sex. Ready? And so Jesrin began: It was a wet Sunday in Berlin in this serious story. Gunther balled his fists under the table and his knuckles whitened. Rain spattered against the window. Time passed. His contact was late. Gunther shook his watch. East German clockwork was always skipping. She walked in and rustled her umbrella. "So you want to get to the West?" she smiled. "That's best done by floating over the Wall on a windy day." Gunther wanted to try Coca Cola & wear nylon stockings, so he met the lady with the large umbrella at Checkpoint Charli e, but she noticed Gunther was not in seasonal dress code. The lady with the large umbrella said, "Sorry bub, you will not cross the border." Gunther could see the coca cola And Buchanan was entertained "with all sift delicious and sumptuous meattis to be had, for flechis, fischis, and all kinds of fyne wyne, and spycis, requisit for one prince."Queen Obligataa could see clearly that Buchanan was a buffoon but she intended to send a message through the ages. The imagined life was a poor excuse for a life. It is unknown if it rea ched the ears of Quantum Cat, because there might have been a phase offset between Obligataa's broadcast about Buchanan and QC's various intermesh occurrences. But little hints about faulty Quantum mechanics because of cat mischief was everywhere. You could tell by all the hairballs, scratches, and cat poop stuck in the Quantum gears.



1 Jesrin's photo

It would appear my initial thesis was confirmed. :) But good try, everyone!

2 lucielucie's photo

I’ve never written a seriouser fold!

3 SlimWhitman's photo

Same here - people tried all kinds of ways to get over the Wall and having a lady with a big umbrella help was a very serious proposal for a noir story set in East Berlin in 1966.

4 shadowsheart's photo

This is the frailty our ΒΆ is subject to.

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