Charlie Parker made neutrinos change flavor with his left hand. Majorana was unimpressed. She'd exposed Dark matter parlor tricks and was a feared spectator at the Superkamiokande “How about you try the right hand?” shouted curios Sam before entering a black hole, wondering what all the fuss is about and why it radiates although it is black. Sam went down the rabbit hole and was never seen or heard from again. Three years later, a faint cry was heard by a passer-by, who told his pet rabbit about it. Mr. Rabbit wanted nothing to do with that fake hratha & paid it no mind. Then one day, a few weeks later, 23 days later; the fake hratha came home to roost when it had already been established that Marty's neck wasn't an ideal roosting spot for a speckled fake hratha. Bustling its wings in antagonistic display, Saul was heard to remark, "Marty, you gotta get that thing looked at", but it was too late. By that time everyone was looking at the fake hratha on Marty's neck. He and Saul were refused service at Mfufu's Place, their favorite bar, even though they were the owners of the place. Mfufu's Place had been their grandmother's herb shop before they turned it into a bar. They couldn't let on who they were though. That would ruin the surprise. No one knew they had return from their travels beyond the Great Sea. What they have discovered and learned could serve them well in the years to come, but first there were slaves to unload and auction off. Not human slaves, of course, but gelatinous ones of every flavor and color! Sentient globs of Jello willing to serve man in whatever capacity a man might imagine using it in. They only thing they would not do is dishes. Which is exactly the one thing men wanted from their sentient gelatinous glob slaves. Merde!



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Dark Matter to Gelatinous Slaves was brought to you in just 7 years!

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