Professor Lulu Loomis was beginning to have second thoughts about taking a job at Hooters so soon after her sex-change operation. Maybe being a woman involved more than just Teetering on heels and leaving lipstick smears on old coffee cups. She really should have have taken those reassignment seminars. She called Custer. "This is Loomis. I'm Lulu now." Custer, confused with her random statement, decided to play along. "My name's not Custer, it's BUSTER!" And with that, he finally had the last word with her. Custer continued about his day with a robust and newfound confidence after his conversational victory. Everything seemed to be coming up Custer. The barista gave him his coffee on time for once. Then came a marvelous array of donuts, just like in his dreams. Custer daintily picked up a custard filled one and took a taste. This was going to be a great day. But Custer felt a little uneasy. Such a marvelous array of donuts don't come that easy. He reached over his shoulder and unsheathed his family Katana, and at that very instant his pants fell to his knees. Custer was so embarrassed he didn't know what to do. he dropped his katana and started crying like a baby. everyone was laughing. EVERYONE. Some Ninjas dropped their pants in the spirit of solidarity though. At least that's what I've heard cause nobody sow them. The broken zippers were destroyed so bleach boys couldn't save them. The detergents were nonetheless determined to let the channel 147 news team know about the accident. The y would have succeeded, but they were not used to being on TV and ruined their chance to make a difference. They came across as shady, much like Nixon did in the debates with JFK.



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