Flashing lights danced across my eyelids - just sensations at first, then alternating red and blue. A murmur of voices caught my attention, and I realized they were talking about me, unaware I was hearing every word. "<sniff>Poor bastard. Doc says he might never wake up." "Yeah. He'd WANT us to pull the plug." Whoa! I tried to talk but could only wriggle my spleen but I wriggled it for all I was worth alive. It worked and my almost flatline showed brain activity and I heard Helen gasp and I was back on my horse in front of Carcosonne. It was my turn and i desperately needed sheep. But all the players were holding on to them like a bunch of good fer nuthin' greedy misers. wont get none of my wood then... i was defeated, if only I could get those sheep without the others noticing.. but how? I needed a genius masterplan - a genius sheep collecting masterplan. I would call it Baamageddon. The plan would allow me to get the sheep without the others noticing, and would involve using a small boy in rags, playing the flute. As the boy played, the sheep would jump over the stile and everyone would fall asleep before they noticed that I was loading the sheep onto a train. But what I hadn't noticed was that the sheep had played me for a fool. The driver was Dolly. The conductor was flossy. And the flute player was a horror to behold - who knew sheep Could drive and play the flute? I wasn't baaashful to admit this had me stumped. I had been rambushed. The sheep flock me and one hands me a ringing phone, bleating "it's for ewe" but they couldn't pull the wool over my eyes: I was being fleeced. The shear audacity! I always kept a shank from my life on the lamb, and mutton could stop me now. Mutton at all.



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You can shake a lamb’s tail at this one.

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LOVE this one!!!!

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