It wasn't until a year ago that I realized the full power the National Wasp Socialist Party has on our nation. As a child, every boy and girl gets stung once or twice, but how many times does a drag queen in Manhattan have to be stung? Good lord! Let me snap my fingers here, here and oh yes girl, HERE! " The coordinates of the three snaps created a Bermuda Triangle of sass. It expunged the Manhattan drag queen from this realm and all its jiveass big money hustlers. Oh Lordy be oh Lordy Lordy." Everyone rushed to the exits to get cabs to the Bermuda Triangle of Sass. But they were wrong headed. To get there you have to grind some sassafras into wine from sunup to sundown and then offer the sassafras wine to Neptune. If he decides the wine is potable, he will proceed to get drunk and you can sneak into the Bermuda Triangle unnoticed but let me stress. The wine has to be potable or this caper won't work. We're counting on you getting us wine fit for a picky god which Neptune is. Good wine & Bermuda Triangle her til the cows come home. My gosh, you don't know how to Bermuda Triangle a woman? The plan only works if you can keep Neptune occupied! Let me explain: first, you lift her by the Nautilus, then you sink your ship into her flowing waters. I thought everybody knew that! No wonder Neptune is so grumpy ; his water nymph defiled by a fictional submarine. Truly, Neptune’s anger and rage will exhaust your fake existence. Nautilus was neither pleased nor troubled by Neptune’s wrath. Nautilus kept going deeper, and Neptune kept getting angrier, and Nemo kept smiling at him through the porthole, yelling "Come and find me!". But nobody could hear him.



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Toogs’ fold is hilarious. This story puts the naughty in nautical.

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