Jared Manatee woke up on Friday into a developing nightmare. He couldn't remember the day before or even his earlier life. He had ID and credit cards, but they were invalid. What were this 9mm and P.I. license doing in his overcoat? J. Manatee had a deep unsettling feeling that someone somewhere needed his help. But with this amnesia he wasn't even sure he knew how to use a gun at all. J. Manatee compared the P.I. license to the mirror and decided he probably did, and unsuredly stuffed the license and the gun back in the pocket of his bright orange jumpsuit. J. Manatee only wore the jumpsuit because it was aerodynamic, and therefore helped him with his P.I. work, but still, the girls didn't seem to gush over his aquabovine physique. "No matter," thought Det. Manatee as he zipped up. The jumpsuit would help him blend in at the F1 Grand Prix, where prime suspect Bed L. Amnesiac was racing. Det. Manatee took out Jenson Button and occupied his place. He would start the race in second, just behind Mr. Amnesiac. The engines roared, the tension was thundering inside Det. Manatee's heart. That's how he liked it. Mr. Amnesiac's exhaust spewed gasses of narcoma across the racers. Manatee's mind went totally blank while heading to the first turn of the course. However at speeds of 200mph you need to always be on your top game otherwise your Formula 1 car will gain mass & shorten.The combined effect is yet another relativity paradox,though you drive the fastest,your F1 uses up more fuel & is shorter than the other cars at the photo finis h. Hence, the investment at the CERN particle accelerator in creating quantum race cars. They reach the finish line even before the starting gun. Expensive, but worth it.



1 Chaz's photo

In conclusion, Det. Manatee amnesia occured because he went BACK IN TIME! (what a twist!)

2 SlimWhitman's photo

So did Jared Manatee make it to the finish line or didn’t he? I guess if there was a photo at the finish line we might have interfered with the result…

3 SlimWhitman's photo

I think the only thing we can be certain of is that this is a good story.

4 buddyboy4711's photo

At FoldingStory, we don’t just fold stories, we fold SPACE.

5 SlimWhitman's photo

It’s nice to see Det. Manatee bending the laws of time and space to solve a case!

6 Chaz's photo

In conclusion, Det. Manatee amnesia… (wait did I say this already?)

7 DanMars's photo

Yoohoo, story of the month!

8 BlastedHeath's photo

BadAxel certainly deserves a mention as the inventor of our popular “folk hero” J. Manatee.  Cheers!

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