Carl from accounting also happened to have a side job as a stripper. Problem is, he decided to combine both jobs and save himself the time. "Mam," Carl told a patron who slipped a C-note in his g-string "that can become a write off." He showed up at work without having changed."O.k., let's audit." His co-worker coughed suggestively. "Carl, you're dressed for the job you want to have, if that job is a stripper." "Check that. I've done stripper and accountant, all that's left is President of the Rocket Club at Cheswick Junior High School. Carl wanted to preside over that club so much he could taste it. But could he ever be elected over popular incumbent Roger Wilkerson? "Yes! Yes, I can!" Carl whispered to himself. "My rocket is bigger & better than Roger's! And once the kids see MY rocket, they'll elect ME President of the Rocket Club!" But Carl Still worried that, when the time came, something terrible would happen to his rocket. Perhaps it would fail to launch, perhaps his rocket would launch prematurely, or perhaps it would not stand erect on the launchpad due to a faulty strut?Perhaps it would run out of rocket fuel & sputter out?He needed professional advice for his rocket performance fears so he made an appointment to see Dr. Bellows of Space Patrol. Dr. Bellows explained that there comes a time in every astronaut's career when his rocket never seems as erect as it u used to be. When this happens, Dr. Bellows explained, you need something to fuel it, to make it launch into the sky like an atomic cloud, destroying everything in its radius and leaving you, alone, as the Master of the Universe. When the smoke clears, and it’s safe to go outside, everyone will love you and fear you. It will be the end, and the beginning?



1 Jimbeau's photo

This is straight-up R-rated softcore porn.

2 LordVacuity's photo

Not only did I buy the product, I bought the whole space program.

3 IceSquad's photo

@Jimbeau: Yeah, with a distinct emphasis towards the end on “straight-up”.

4 SlimWhitman's photo

I think we can account for this story stripped of all pretense at hiding rocket innuendos due to rocket erector dysfunction.

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