1) That moment when you put the spoon in the fridge. 2) That moment when you are totally into a youtube video and you accidentally skipped to the beginning. 3) That moment when you laugh at something meant to be serious. I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard. My wife poked me in the ribs. "What? What?" I gasped. "This Hamlet guy is HILARIOUS!" An usher approached from the wings. "Excuse me!" he shouted angrily. "If you two don't shut up, you'll have to leave!" My wife and I stopped laughing and shot the usher a WTF look. "Hamlet is not a comedy, idiots! Then He pulled out a gun and said "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY NOW!" As soon as I thought all hope was lost, Goku came out of nowhere and was about to beat him up. (My wife died.) (So did my gradfather.) (And his father.) (And his father's father.) (In the war against the memes.) Where was I? Goku needed me to distract the burglar for his spirit bomb so I dressed like a Hootchie Mama and bumped and grinded in the burglar's lair while Goku slid in the back door and snatched back his family heirlooms. But the burglar fell in love with a juror at his trial, & whispered to his attorney. "Your Honor, my client would like to ask juror #4 out to dinner." The judge was outraged:"She's not even his type! Juror #9, tho, c'mon!" Again the attorney and client conferred. "Your Honor, yeeeea boi let the record show she hella thicc." "Objection!" cried the defense "Juror #9 is obviously a ratchet ho!" Juror #9 was miffed but remembered the venue and contained herself. Mostly. She might have squeaked. The courtroom burst into laughter. The judge reminded the jury not to squeak.



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