The dog went for a walk on his own. He came back later with a surprise for his owner Little did he know that his owner was not home to open the door. He considered climbing up to the 3rd floor window, which he knew was unlocked, but, after a second, elected to head down to Sonny’s bar instead. The bartender saw him and said, “ You know what's up. What're you doing on the streets? It's gonna be only hours not days before the authorities start shooting and incinerating proud bravos like you." Sonny's Bar -itone voice had constricted up to almost castrato. Clearly, he was hysterical. "Sonny," I said, grabbing his shoulders, "Pull yourself together, man. They can't shoot us if they can't see us," I spoke to him. Sonny seemed confused, "What do you mean" But I smirked at him, "They can't see us, and can't shoot us if we use this invisibility potion." Sonny was half convinced but just then the goons started shooting. That cinched it for Sonny. We drank the invisibility potion. It took about a minute. We were invisible. "I can't see!" BANG AND THE DIRT IS GONE. "Oh nooo." we moaned in unison. "It's invisible Barry Scott!" "You guys used Cillit Bang yet?" Barry asked keenly. After a pause, we decided to face the goons armed only with a bucket of watered down bleach and our Sham-Wow!™ cleaning cloths. "To me, men!" I shouted, "let's scrub these scrubs!" "Release the scrubbing bubbles! Cavalry, to your mops!" It was an ass-kicking Yom Kippur, the kind we'd only seen on TV. I've heard that war can be messy, but this was ridiculous.



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