Humanity is forgetting the fear on the dark, & the curiosity to overcome that fear, a dangerous complacency. It's time to make bolder steps outward, away from creature comforts . When Eros came to Psyche in the howling storm, he blotted out the stars to make sure the dark was extra inky. She just had to get on with it. No group therapy, just hard tasks to lag on on. Psyche was ready for Eros. Psyche transformed into a poisonous apple. Eros loved apples and reached for this one. But a little goaty man raised his staff and said, "I think I ate the bones!" Eros gasped, recognizing her nakedness, and Psyche fell from the tree and brained Newton. The satyr guffawed. "Naw, I was just messing with y'all." Eros was cheesed because the satyr had three heads and three giant tongues. Gene Simmons would have been proud of the satyr. Psyche hid in the closet with her Siamese cat, Taipan. From her hiding place in the closet, Psyche heard the phone ring & Eros answering. She couldn't hear clearly but from the cadance she knew he was talking to his mother, Venus, Godd and the inventor of the Oxford Comma, Hal Roach. Psyche's heart pounded in her chest as she eavesdropped on Eros going over the incredibly bland details of his day with his mom. Aphrodite yawned as she listened to Eros' daily dalliances, but knew it was her aphroduty to do so. All the while she was thinking about a bowl of olives. Psyche, meanwhile, was busy doing whatever Psyche does. Probably solving some truncated mystery of some kind. The pantheon's been getting too weird lately, Aphrodite thought. Arent olives enough? "Olives are not enough!" said Zeus, reading her mind, "We need to transform ourselves into animals & have sex with people." Aphrodite rolled her eyes. "I'll be a goat!" said Apollo



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aphroduty! now I get it! lol

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Aphrodite’s aphrotighty whities

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Lol, what a mythic story, full of fanciful phrases like that.

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