Grato told his brother last. "I won the one-way ticket to Mars." Santuur imploded. "I need to go, bro. The structures are mapped. I need to see for myself, to touch the glyphs, to feel their power travel through my suction sensors." Grato knew Santuur would be displeased. "Come with me, bro," he pleaded. There are no symbols here for you, no future sistars." But Santaur was not displeased. He lit a few plasma gels and dropped them in matter pool. The ripples glistened like evil smiles. Grato realized his mistake as soon as the first tertiary male hatched and imprinted on him. He should have not looked. It was too late. In a standing stupor he allowed the tertiary male scratch it's way up his arm until it began scratching into his arm. This is when Jonathon realized he was in trouble. Nobody wants a tertiary male in their bloodstream. It's simply far too fattening. Jonathon tried to control his breathing to direct the power of sunlight through his being. Jonathon had to find this person crawling up his veins before he suffered some kind of arrhythmia or worse. He got into his car, intent on finding the bastard and putting a stop to this agony. But he had nothing to go on. He got back out of the car and flopped down on the bonnet, smoking for several minutes before he realized that the engine was on fire. He leapt off the car and into a ditch moments before it exploded. He heard far-away laughter as bits of the car resembling burning hot projectiles decapitated him…and for that 13 seconds, as his lifeless body lay a mere 2 inches from his face, and before the lights went out for good, he thought to himself, "By golly! Am I really that fat?" and then he followed that thought with "Oh no! That's my last thought of life" and with that, he was gone.



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I loved MoralEnd’s line: “The ripples glistened like evil smiles.” Marvelous!

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I preferred to read it as ” The ripples glistened like Evil smiles.|

I’m just saying.

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