I suffer from foldingstory Déjà-vu. You may think I mean when I add to a story, I have the feeling that I have seen this line somewhere before, but its much more disturbing than that...far, far more disturbing. I have reoccuring nightmares about characters I've met in FoldingStory.Yessiree, I do.These "people" are so real to me. People like SpamBaby and Det. Manatee in the same nightmare is wretched. Sleep is an abomination. For instance, this dream I just had about Squawkers. He was trapped in the gelatin coating Spam Baby had loudly announced was simply an aspic of auroch and not the Creole dream that it appeared to be. It was in fact exactly what it appeared to be, a Creole Dream. The scourge of The common confusion virus among the sheeple was so vast in scope, nobody could measure it. Rare Pokemons flourished in Austin, TX as a result three years later. The professors of Texas, however, were pretty stupid, and only interested in American Pokemon like Snorlax, Garbodor, and the like. "It's okay," said the Texan, "We only kill and eat other Texans." Well, we all had a good laugh about that, and then barbecued Steven the cow-hand Texas-style and had him for supper with some ice-cold beers. The sun was setting, the cows were huddled in a corner of the paddock plotting their vengeance, and the Steven steaks were plentiful. Wait. I glanced over at the herd, who noticed me looking and shuffled away. Do you think they noticed that we switched out the beef steaks for human? one of the cows asked. No, they've been eating Mcdonalds for years which has made them used to non-beef byproducts. Really. Just don't mess around with their coffee. I saw a guy try to switch his Columbian with some Folger's Crystals once and he pulled back a stump. Moo? Moo.



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