The thing about Abe Froman was that it was all about sausages. Sausage this and sausage that. One time I said, "knock, knock?" And he said, "Sausage, now shut your mouth." "Is it knockworse, or knockworst?" I wish I could find the missing link & solve this puzzle. Abe was getting fed up with the conversation though and said, "Stop grilling me!" The Halloween party became a measles quarantine with 50 beds in the house. This was 1953, when my sister was six. The six gallons of apple cider cost 50 cents each then! Now, it costs an arm & a leg. That is only because it is Halloween though. No, the point is the price of apple cider has really gone up since the last quarantine in 1953 & we're gonna need to stock up. Either that or switch to vodka. I'm in. I don't mind telling you, I would drink a gallon of vodka a day if my liver would allow it. So fingers crossed re: cider shorta I drink to forget. To become a better version of myself. one that isn't so hideous, one that people actually like. That I actually like. We'll die anyway. Right? But nothing is forgotten, nothing dies, and one only drinks from the eyes of grasshoppers. here is the proof. the night turned into itself with devotion. in my pocket, the ice cream cone I had been saving for desert had melted and left an embarrassing stain on my lederhosen. "Gott im Himmel," I whispered to whatever deity was listening, Die Lederhosen—” God thundered in a gentle feminine voice, “ENOUGH WITH THE Deutsche, and who puts an ice cream cone in the pocket of their leather shorts? Did I make you stupid?”



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Cackling at Jimbeau’s line!

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You are my perfect foil, Woab.

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Curses, foiled again!

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