I've got it: "Suddenly and for no apparent reason, a troop of mutant clowns with Viagra-cream pies shows up on a stolen flatulence powered amphibious ATV." Another perfect fold! Ruined! The formula for perfect fold derailment is, one part clown, two parts fart references, a dash of spam and a pronoun swap and bingo, you're totally ruined an awesome story that, who knows, was on course to win a Pulitzer Prize if it weren't for the 9 other meddling folders. Collaboration, trust, teamwork are words which are foreign to your av erage anonymous person on the internet, and its no different at foldingstory. But I can't let that stop me from writing can I? What greater challenge than collaborating with 9 anon ymous, hopefully decent writers? When this is all done, I can only dream of unfolding a complete, wonderful story, with twists and turns, something that otherwise never would have happened, had I been left to my own devices, I tend to wander off on tangents in my writing, forgetting the plot indicated and sometimes not even bothering to include the names like I did in that last fold. I wasn't going to fool anyone by claiming I didn't do it on purpose even though that was true. They would all assume the worst & sabotage my stories Noooo I CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO GO ANY FURTHER I MUST SABOTAGE THIS! Ok. Once upon a time there lived a turtle Who was repeatedly raped by a Ford Capri. Its turtle friends pointed and laughed at the tyre tracks tattooed on its shell. Then it befriended child star Maculky Culkin who promptly divorced him, just as he had done with everyone else in his life. But that was okay with the turtle, who sued Maculky for child support for all his little compact cars.



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Gibber’s opening line was indeed a perfect fold.

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Thanks Woab

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