They had battled for control of the trailer park. Residents fled to Texas to escape bloodshed. He was tired. He sent a peace overture in the form of a fermented pork sandwich. This did little to appease the appetite of sweet little sugar dumpling, Maud, but she was touched by his thoughtfulness. Or was that gas? Regardless, she responded to the peace offering with one of her own. Her dress slipped an inch past her knee and she looked down at it as if surprised, then slowly into his eyes. Maud's face flushed. He'd seen this move before And was pleased that his low key seduction technique still worked for him even after the ten year marriage and ugly divorce. "More wine, Maud?" Maud agreed. Before the hour was over, the leftover wine had disappeared. Not only that, but the food had gone, the cutlery had gone, his wife had gone, all the love had gone. Only one explanation, Swipe! Darn that fox and his rampant kleptomania. No one really knew who he was behind that bandanna. Maybe he has a purpose. Maybe he steals to support a family. If only there was an otter - a fine, noble sea otter, to make things right. The only thing Mr Otter would try to crack open would be a juicy oyster on his furry little chest. The fox would never Bother him again for now he was in his own business... Till the fish came along. The otter was so busy listening to the crack of oyster he didn't notice the curious fish sneak up. The junkie otter high on oyster crack paid no attention to the vice squad of officers salmon and trout. Too bad the junkie wasn't doing what he otter.



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