Unless, that is all there is to it? Just a pattern you aspire to. Just another notch on your dance card. being fully Human and all of that crap. But what of the mere humans? Where are the dance aspiration punch cards? I've fulfilled my 1st dream of being a backup hiphop dancer, but my dream of professionally doing ballroom at McDonald's is still unrealized. I must not be hungry enough yet, for the dream or for McDonalds. My ribs do protrude through my skin which is like thin paper with a vein and artery imprint pattern, so that migh t just mean something bad. Maybe I should just try to eat; or maybe I should go get checked out. I'm sure this can't be healthy. I look like one of those kids across seas who don't have any food to eat. I've even tried to eat but I just puke. This has been happening for about a week now. I told my mom I'd go to the doctor but I don't feel sick. What you have is angstziety and angstid reflux. I sat looking at my angely legs and arms. Being a teenager sucked. I kicked rocks but they all just bounced back and hit me in the teeth, cracking my retainer, which made Dad yell. It wasn't my fault if I had acne from all the stress and angstziety of living as an adolescent. It wasn't my fault that everyone hated me, that my pants were too short, my hair was to long. How could I be blamed for blurting out inappropriate, often incomprehensible words? I was a teenager, I deserved pity Because I did everything backwards. Unravellings included time travel with Dr. Fhafjgvhzxhbb chronicled by accident. No wonder my nickname was Mr. Bbhxzhvgjfahf: A classic Dr. Jekyll /Mr. Hyde story. Dr.Fhafjgvhzxhbb made a time travel device but it messed up his mind & he turned Mr.Bbhxzhvgjfahf who causes it to unravel.



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