Kay's shoppe was an orgy of twee. She specialized in Hummel figurines, Teddy bears, and calico tea cozies. Collectors came from around the world to marvel at the ornate displays. Each evening, she'd select one guest; usually one who was leaving the next day. That guest would dine with her, and when the statues came alive, and performed "Rent" in Spanish. Her Edict demanded that the still life perform all theater works in Spanish because, well...she was the "Waxen Queen," she didn't need reasons. Prince Sunshine was determined to change that. He wanted the Waxen Queen GONE. She is what is keeping him away from his life long love. He has to come up with a plan... So he thought and thought some more. At last, the solution struck him. (He was a bit slow.) But he was also Prince Sunshine. And the Waxen Queen was made of wax and easily melted. He would kill the queen by poisoning her drink. All the prince needed to do now was figure out a way to sneak into the royal kitchen. He still had a hog's head of poison in his jewel encrusted (man) purse. He covered his hands in the foul substance and vigorously shook hands with the befuddled chef. He knew now the throne would be his, as long as he did his best to dice the vegetables in perfect cubes measuring exactly 0.5cm. He took the specially prepared chef's knife from his purse and started chopping. The stuff on his hands from the veggie residue sliding down the specialty knife made it stick to his hands. This irked the perfectionist to no end. Would there be enough hand santizier left to remove the rotten stench and ensure he could eat the pizza he'd ordered without the risk of contamination? It remained to be seen, but either way that pizza was going to get it!



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I like this one! :-)

2 kyerinn's photo

And so, MoralEnd has taken my coveted second spot on the leaderboard! I tip my hat to you, sir. ;)

3 MoralEnd's photo

It’s because I’d rather do this than my job. Tip your hat to drudgery.

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The site is really picking up lately, and with not too much of a dent to the overall quality of posts. :)

Nice job both of you for setting a fairly consistent example of what a good post is!

5 RhettOracle's photo

I agree completely, NixonBlack.  I turn around for a day—or even 5 minutes—and there are newly completed folds and stories.  I can’t keep up.  I certainly can’t keep up with NixonBlack who essentially folds on every story!  :)

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Hahaha! I try, but I’m about 50 behind right now and it’s been a pretty tough time catching up this time :).

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It’s time-wasting at its most fun. I just read these stories and half the time I’m giggling - I’m sure my family think I’m utterly mad! It’s brilliant, though. And you guys on the high-scorer leaderboard are the backbone, so thank you very much! :-D

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You’re not too far behind.  Most of us started only a month or two ago and really, you don’t need to be that prolific.  I just have some kind of OCD when it comes to these things.  Apparently MoralEnd does too (that and the drudgery :)  Keyrinn is a very close third , but if you get 5 on a hundred stories, you’re ahead of all of us :).

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Aww, you’re sweet, nravstar! :) I’ve been lagging in my posts lately, but aim to turn that around soon.

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I just found this site on Friday, and I love it.  I do expect that my 1:1 meetings with my manager will begin to include discussions about my productivity, but for now, this is great fun!

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