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I like this one! :-)

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And so, MoralEnd has taken my coveted second spot on the leaderboard! I tip my hat to you, sir. ;)

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It’s because I’d rather do this than my job. Tip your hat to drudgery.

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The site is really picking up lately, and with not too much of a dent to the overall quality of posts. :)

Nice job both of you for setting a fairly consistent example of what a good post is!

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I agree completely, NixonBlack.  I turn around for a day—or even 5 minutes—and there are newly completed folds and stories.  I can’t keep up.  I certainly can’t keep up with NixonBlack who essentially folds on every story!  :)

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Hahaha! I try, but I’m about 50 behind right now and it’s been a pretty tough time catching up this time :).

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It’s time-wasting at its most fun. I just read these stories and half the time I’m giggling - I’m sure my family think I’m utterly mad! It’s brilliant, though. And you guys on the high-scorer leaderboard are the backbone, so thank you very much! :-D

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You’re not too far behind.  Most of us started only a month or two ago and really, you don’t need to be that prolific.  I just have some kind of OCD when it comes to these things.  Apparently MoralEnd does too (that and the drudgery :)  Keyrinn is a very close third , but if you get 5 on a hundred stories, you’re ahead of all of us :).

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Aww, you’re sweet, nravstar! :) I’ve been lagging in my posts lately, but aim to turn that around soon.

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I just found this site on Friday, and I love it.  I do expect that my 1:1 meetings with my manager will begin to include discussions about my productivity, but for now, this is great fun!

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