"It's my birthday today and I demand a life-sized cake sculpture of my likeness!" Juliyah stomped her heel-clad foot childishly. Papa Poot, her adoptive father, was reddening at the sight of her petulance. "Juliyah! You know you can have anything you want, cease stomping!". Papa frantically dialled the cake shop. "I need Juliyah, in meringue and hazelnut chiffon!" "Sure," said the clerk, & bellowed: "1 Walder Frey special!" Juliyah was abducted en route to school & taken back of the bake shop, to emerge as a delish layer cake. Papa -razzi followed Juliyah the layer cake down the street, snapping photos and looking for a chance to stab her with their dessert forks. Juliyah rolled frantically to escape them, but the more pictures the Dessert paparazzi posted of her on social media, the more of them tracked her down. It seemed like Juliyah the Layer Cake was forked, but as she rolled out of the oven she saw a cooling rack where dozens of donuts rested. The Dessert Paparazzi zoomed in on them instead. Instantly Juliyah was jelly but, at the same time, relieved. Juliyah's eyes glazed over at the sight of the Dessert Paparazzi swarming over the donuts. "I've never seen krueller people!" she murmured. "I must escape!" A Hole Brigade of youths sporting chocolate frosted tips in their hair blocked her exit. "Oh lemme go pretty please with sprinkles on top," Juliyah yelped. "Ich bin ein Berliner" they replied. "I know what you mean and I am not in the habit of showing my gooey insides to just anybody, ponyboy", said Juliyah just before her blade showed her ponyboy's gooey insides instead She watched as the light in his eyes slowly faded. Wiping her blade clean on his shirt she whispered, "I never thought you'd be so easy." She sheathed her blade and turned away.



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Blood was spilled and all I wanted was a life-sized cake of my likeness

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Happy Halloween

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A bloody good story!

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