Anne,the ant and Greg,the grasshopper made a cute couple,but conception was a problem.He vowed to take care of the kids while she worked and she was OK with reversed parts but his laziness started to annoy her.That's what Anne got for not paying much attention to fairy tales.An ant and a grasshopper would never work!Greg got home with the kids,all 50 of the states had a motto and she couldn't learn them all before Grandma arrived with her pork cookies. Ann shouted at Greg, "Hey, what if we download the state mottoes and then sell them to a bunch of Russians who wear way too much cologne but far from enough. With the money we make we can keep Grandma high using her PotCard until she forgets about mottos except her own. "What?" Greg smirked. "No Grandma, "What?" is not a motto." "You only live once forever." I had to admit she had me on that one. In her case it was true. "Thats it. Grandma, that is your motto! YOU ONLY LIVE FOREVER ONCE! grandma slapped Greg's cigarillo from his lips and screamed "ONCE FOREVER!". Greg didn't see the difference. So he let it go, deciding to follow his therapist's advice and 'pick his battles'. His grandma whacked on the head with a rolled up paper. "You only live twice," she laughed just before she crapped out for the second time. He buried her by the river, where she was sure to be flushed away with the spring floods. His therapist saw this as progress. He was accused of plotting to have her brain rewired. Doctor No said it was sabotage against the popular trend towards banning aluminium. "Tell us your name," insisted the interrogator. "No!" said the doctor, & was soon gagging uncontrollably as the waterboarding commenced. "We'll get it out of you." "NO NO NO glug..



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